Window Monologues
2020, 16 photographs, 2 single-channel videos. 

Developed under quarantine, the body of work deals with the topic of self-isolation by referencing cinematic works dedicated to the isolation of the individual and their attempts to enact inexistent social interactions. The artist's living room window becomes a movie screen, which displays subtitles from famous moments in film history. Thus, his everyday life, seen from the position of his neighbors, becomes a mosaic of scenes from movies such as Taxi Driver (1976), Rear Window (1954) and The Shining (1980).

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You talkin’ to me? (Taxi Driver), 2020, series of four photographs (detail)

Late Night in Sorrento
2020, web-based project.*

This project is an attempt to reconstruct all major all major terrorist attacks carried out in Moscow since the collapse of the Soviet Union using the language of modern consumer technologies. A series of selfie videos shot at the sites of the events were edited with video filters and sound effects. The short clips play in sequential order, thus mimicking the appearance of posts on social media. The project’s title refers to the Russian song “Поздний вечер в Соренто” (“Late Night in Sorrento”) performed by a street musician inside the Moscow metro—a recurrent theme in the video.

Developed with the support of Web Residencies by Solitude & ZKM.

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2017, single-channel video,* 1 min 30 sec.

The video captures peasant workers disposing of their farming tools following the order of a military disarmament. Referencing the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages, which were largely a reaction to the climate, technological and labor changes of the time, the video raises questions about the present and future of work and social struggles.

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2016, lecture-performance/video documentation,* 22 min 20 sec.
An English actor guides the audience through a collection of documents and relics. Photo: ©2016

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Wilfred Wyman

The project “Wilfred Wyman” constructs and narrates the life story of the fictional character, which it is named after. It reports the semi-historical account of the late Victorian artist Wilfred Wyman (1859–1939). Set against the backdrop of real events, Wyman’s life witnessed the developments in post-Darwinian science and their dire consequences. The subject of the human body is a recurrent theme in Wyman’s own work, which resonates with the scientific and intellectual discourses of his time. A collection of documents and relics forms a narrative reflecting the intricate relationship between19th century biology and the totalitarian ideologies of the 1930s.

2014-2016, mixed media installation: pencil/ink on paper, textile paint on canvas, photographs, found objects; dimensions variable.

2015, original film poster, fingerprint powder, 60x42 cm, UV light.

An original poster containing an image of the famous scene from the 1931 film “M.” The surface of the image is partially dusted with fluorescent fingerprint powder, which is widely used for the purposes of criminal identification. Viewed under UV light the powder brings up the letter M, which in the film marked the shoulder of a wanted murder.



The Judgment
2011, double-channel video,* 4 min 44 sec.

The video is based on the true story a police roadblock, which has been illegally appropriated, and transformed into a work of art. One day a group of police people came to the gallery where the object was displayed, and repossessed it.
On the first screen of the double-channel video installation, the cleaning lady—the only witness of this event—explains about it. On the second one, a group of actors impersonate the characters of her story.

2013, adhesive chrome vinyl on cork planks, wooden construction, 130x490 cm.

A stage-like structure featuring a list of all residents within a 100m radius from the center for art and architecture Stroom The Hague. Either by a deliberate intervention or by accident, one of the names is omitted from the list. A site-specific installation in the entrance of the art center.



Certificate series
2014, laser print on paper, banknotes, each 30x21 cm.

A set of multiple page documents, which act as formal agreements between the artist and buyer. The purchase of every certificate is legaly binding, which in turn influences the modes of interaction with, and status of the piece.

Thesaurus series

Each painting is based on a famous artist quotation. In all of them artists imply the existence of comparability between two notions. To unveil the relationship between both notions, I connect the two using synonyms from the dictionary. Words are arranged in a thread, in which each word is followed by its synonym. For example, in work A Painting Is Not a Picture of an Experience; It Is an Experience (after Mark Rothko) staring form «painting» we jump from one notion to the next until the word «experience» is eventually reached.


A Painting Is Not a Picture of an Experience; It Is an Experience (after Mark Rothko)

2010, oil on canvas, wooden bases, 210x150 cm.


Repetition Adds Up to Reputation (after Andy Warhol)

2008, acrylic on canvas, wooden bases, 210x150 cm.


Kunst = Kapital (after Joseph Beuys)

2009, oil on canvas, wooden bases, 210x150 cm.


The Future Is Now (after Nam June Paik)

2010, oil on canvas, wooden bases, 210x150 cm.


Die Titulierung "Künstler" ist eine Beleidigung (after George Grosz & John Heartfield)

2010, oil on canvas, wooden bases, 210x150 cm.


Two Things That Need to Be Connected
2010, installation: video* (10 min 10 sec), shoes, book.

The project is predicated on a conversation with Michelangelo Pistoletto around the relationship between a symbol created by him and the decorative patterns of a particular pair of shoes. The symbol represents his concept of the Third Paradise, and relates to much of his recent work. It is comprised of two smaller circles connected by a larger circle. As Pistoletto explained in our conversation, the symbol represents «two things that need to be connected.» My work reflects his concept in a different sense—I try to establish a connection between his work on the one hand, and the pair of shoes I had bought, on the other.

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